What’s Cooking: Meal Plan for the Week of January 22

I’m totally on a Martha kick, which is funny since I don’t always love her recipes.  But the Everyday Food recipes are working out pretty good.  I just signed up for the magazine again.

Friday: Mustard-glazed cod / vegetable saute

Saturday: Filet (from Trader Joe’s — it’s frozen) / steamed spinach / red bliss potatoes (probably roasted)

Sunday: Ginger chicken with peaches and onions / rice / broccoli

Monday: Curried Rice with Shrimp with steamed green beans

Tuesday: Lentil soup

Wednesday: Potluck night (meaning leftovers from earlier in the week or something out of the freezer)

Thursday: Tomato and olive penne

Here’s the round up of last week’s plan …

Friday: Mustard-glazed flounder, sauteed arugula, steamed cauliflower. (This was awesome.  So good I’m making it again this week.)

Saturday: Pasta with meat sauce (frozen), salad and bread.

Sunday: Roast chicken, potatoes, green beans

Monday: Broccoli with tortellini (This one is a reliable standby.  I could make it with my eyes closed and it’s always delicious.)

I flipped Tuesday and Wednesday around, but made both dishes …

Tuesday: Moroccan chicken stew with couscous (Yum, yum, yum.  And beyond easy.  This definitely goes into the regular rotation. I will tweak it a bit — a little less onion and less stock to make it less soupy.)

Wednesday: Ginger chicken soup with vegetables (Very good.  I’d make it again, but it is a bit of work — mostly chopping.  I would also do slightly less ginger.)

Thursday: Leftovers or something from the freezer