Wants vs. Needs

Tonight at dinner Maddie and I were discussing wants vs. needs. Apparently she is learning about this concept in school. I sort of think 5 is young for this concept, but maybe better to start young. There are adults that don’t understand the difference.

Anyway, we reviewed various wants versus needs. She correctly identified food, clothing, a house and love as needs. She also correctly identified chocolate, toys and jewelry as wants.

She wanted to do more. We decided to discuss drinks at more length. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Is juice a need?

Maddie: No.

Me: How about milk?

Maddie: Yes, milk is a need.

Me: Good. How about chocolate milk?

Maddie: That is a want.

Me: Good.

Maddie: Let’s do more. What do big kids like to drink?

Me: Soda?

Maddie: No. Big kids. Big kids like you.

Me: I’m not sure what you mean.

Maddie: How about wine?

Me: Yes, Mommy and Daddy drink wine. Is that a need?

Maddie: Not really.