Scratch That

The convenience food boom of the mid-20th century did a lot to free women from the kitchen. It did not, however, do much for our taste buds (or, it must be said, our waist lines, but that’s another matter).

I might be willing to swallow the less-tasteful morsels if it weren’t for the fact that the real thing is not, in many cases, that much more work than the poor imitation.

Take, for example, this recipe for homemade brownies. I would argue that these are no more difficult than the stuff that comes out of a box, but are beyond compare in terms of taste.

Which is why I make a lot of stuff from scratch. Like lemonade. Now, I won’t pretend that squeezing lemons by hand is as easy as dumping a package of powdered, lemon-flavored dust into a pitcher. But the difference in taste far outweighs the small amount of extra effort. I’ve tried a few different recipes and I like this one from Country Living. Tastes like summer!