Saturday Night Fever

Maddie had her first little fever. (It was actually on Friday night, but that wouldn’t make a funny headline.)

She had her second set of baby shots on Thursday afternoon. We gave her some Tylenol and she seemed fine. When I got home from work on Friday she was being held by Auntie Tracy who had just arrived for a weekend visit. Our nanny mentioned that she’d been very clingy all day — she didn’t nap much and wasn’t very playful. She just wanted to be held all day. I took her to feed her and noticed — and even commented — that she felt warm. But I thought it was just because Tracy was wearing a heavy sweater and the apartment was warm.

It wasn’t until later, when Preston went to change her into her nightgown that he said “Hey, Tami, she seems really warm. I think she has a fever.” We used a pacifier thermometer and sure enough her temp was 101.5. Boy did I feel dumb!

We called the doctor and he assured us that she’d be fine. I gave her some Tylenol. But we had a really hard time getting her to sleep. She would eat, cry for awhile, finally fall asleep — only to wake crying and start the cycle again. We got her down around 10ish, but then she was crying again at 11 as I was getting ready for bed. I changed her and checked her temp again. It was down (97.9), but she just didn’t seem to be herself. I made an executive decision and brought her into bed with me. The rest of the night she nursed and slept off and on. It wasn’t the best sleeping night for me, but I think it was as good as I could hope for. It was certainly easier than getting up every hour or two to go to her room.

Happily she was right as rain on Saturday. And Saturday night she ate around 8 p.m. and went right into her crib — awake, no less! — and fell off to sleep. She woke at about 4 for a little snack, but that is normal. She went right back to bed and slept until we woke her up at 8:15 on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, here’s a new picture … Preston took this after her bath on Sunday night. He was amused by her crazy hair. She’s also recently discovered her tongue and so she loves sticking it out.