Remember this day, baby girl

We watched the swearing in and the speech.  Maddie laughed and clapped.  I like to think this was because of the wonderful, joyful moment of history.  But truthfully it’s probably because of the novelty of having the TV on in the middle of the day.

I just can’t describe how happy I feel today.  It’s a feeling of profound optimism.  And I’ll cop to partisanship here, but I don’t think I would have felt this way about a President Gore or a President Kerry (though either of those would have made me much happier than President Bush).  This is different.  We live in an amazing country.

When Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 I got goose bumps.  I turned to Preston and said, “This guy is going to be president some day.”  (This is totally true — ask him.) I had no idea that some day would be today.

And, on a completely partisan note, I love this photo.  Don’t let that door hit you in the behind Mr. Bush …

Obama Inauguration

(Photo credit: AP Photo/ Saul Loeb, Pool)

2 thoughts on “Remember this day, baby girl”

  1. I can also vouch for your “That guy is going to one day be president” comment, too. You called me to tell me. I was strung out on percocet from the tooth incident and didn’t see the speech — or anything of the convention that week. So there. Proof positive.

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