One Potato, Two Potato

I’ve never been a big fan of potato salad.  I’m not sure why.  I love macaroni salad (but only the way my mother makes it).  As an adult I came around to cole slaw.  But never liked potato salad — even the way my mother makes it.

When I was the food editor at iVillage we used to run a recipe contest with a weekly theme.  One week in the summer was, of course, potato salad.  The winner was different from any potato salad I’d ever encountered.  I later learned that this is the way the French make it.  Those clever French!

I made a version of this tonight.  It’s really yummy. 

I simplified it a bit.  Basically, I boil the potatoes and the green beans, then toss them with a vinaigrette.  I made my dressing with white wine vinegar instead of red.  I’ve also done it with lemon juice.  What’s best, this salad tastes good warm, room temperature or cold.