New England Aquarium

We went to the New England Aquarium today with Auntie Tracy (my sister) and Zeydee Forman (Preston’s dad).  Preston says the last time he was there was high school (circa 1987).  I can’t remember when I was last there.

It was very fun and Madeline loved it.  She learned new words: “fish” and “turtles.”  Of course when the stingray swam by she said “bird!” From her perspective it makes sense — they look a lot more like birds than fish.  Mainly though she just laughed and shrieked and pointed.  Life is good when you are well-loved 20-month-old.

After the visit we went to Legal Seafood for lunch.  My sister asked if it’s wrong that a visit to the aquarium makes you hungry for fish.

All this was followed by swimming at Nana’s house.

I’m too tired/lazy to upload photos here.  But they are all up on Picasa.  Go there now and look.  We got great photos of Maddie, of course.  But also some really nice pictures of seals, penguins, jellyfish and turtles.  And then some great photos of Maddie impersonating a fish in my parent’s pool.