My little chatterbox

Maddie talks constantly.  From the minute she gets up until she goes to sleep.  She even talks in her sleep.

I have not idea where this comes from.

She mimics almost anything we say, but certain things stick. Here are a random assortment of recent gems.

“Sam’s a baby. He doesn’t know anything.”

“Mommy put away the letters.” (She has magnetic letters for the fridge. She has recently taken to throwing them on the floor. I’m okay with that, but she has to put them away. If mommy puts them away they go way away for some period of time.)

“We’re baaaaaaack!” (Shrieked as she comes in the door from the park.)

“Mommy’s home!” (Shrieked as I come in the door from anywhere, but usually work.)

“Like Mommy, like Daddy.” (This she says while we read Sammy Salami and get to the part where the people are on the train headed into the city to go to work.)

“Look at all the shoes!” (Said while reading Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes when we turn to the page that shows Mommy’s shoe closet.)

And then there are the true conversations that are just priceless.  Like this one …

Maddie, round about lunchtime: “I’m hungry for chocolate cake.”

Me: “That’s nice. We don’t have chocolate cake. How about broccoli?”

Maddie: “Cupcakes?”

Me: “No, we don’t have cupcakes either. How about broccoli?”

Maddie: “And ‘matoes?” (Tomatoes)

Me: “Sure. I’ll even put cheese on the broccoli.”

Maddie: “Yeah!”