My Goals for 2010

This year I want to …

1. Waste less food.  This one was inspired by a story I heard on NPR.  The industrialized countries waste enough food to feed the entire rest of the world.  The expert being interviewed said, “Food is precious.  Why would we ever throw it away?”  That really hit me.  He is so right.  This goal also feeds (unintentional pun) other goals I have.  I want to eat better.  By focusing on reducing waste I’ll buy less, be more mindful of what I buy and be better about planning meals.  I also want to be more organized.  Again, meal planning helps keep me organized and reduces stress while also helping me use food more efficiently.

2. Automate my life.  Like a lot of women I keep way too much stuff in my head.  I want that to stop.  I want to get all this minutiae out of my head an instead move it to: a piece of paper or a database of some kind.   This is going to happen mostly through lists.  Checklists, shopping lists, wish lists, to-do lists.  I might even have lists of my lists.  Lots of lists.  Less thinking, more listing.  That’s the idea.  I’ve downloaded an app called Intuition to my iPhone to get me started.  We’ll see how it works.

3. Make decisions faster.  I dither a lot.  Small things, big things, doesn’t matter.  And of course I know, intellectually, that in most cases it’s better to make a fast decision than to waste time trying to make the “right” decision.  But I still dither.  So this year I’m going to focus on being more decisive.

3 thoughts on “My Goals for 2010”

  1. Yes, you can do it. Two recommendations:

    Evernote – in some of their marketing they refer to it as your external brain. Some people use it to store recipes. I haven’t done that yet. But, it’s definitely useful for keeping track of info. Also there are tons of online list making apps and web 2.0 services. Here’s the latest –

    Everyday Food – it’s a digest-sized cooking magazine published by Martha Stewart’s company. There’s not Stewart branding for the mag though. We’ve been subscribing for years, and we use it a lot. None of the meals are of the 2-3 hour, elaborate procedures variety. It’s good food, good seasoning, and we use it a lot.

    Actually, that’s three recommendations. Good luck.

    1. Jeff — I checked out TeuxDeux and I didn’t love it. It’s a little too simple. But the biggest problem with it, I think, is that it is only time-based. I need to be able to just keep running lists of stuff to do “whenever.” I am really, really loving Intuition on the iPhone. You should check it out. It’s powerful, but not too complicated. I did download Evernote too and will give it a try.

      As for Martha — I have a loved-hate relationship with her. I got Everyday Food for awhile when it first came out (when she was in jail , incidentally, which is why the branding is low-key). I also bought the book Everyday Food and the one recipe I made was wrong. But I do love the concept and am going to go back to that book and try a few more things. Meanwhile I love Real Simple recipes. I actually just bought their book and it’s great. Truly simple stuff that you can actually make on a weeknight.

      I’m going to try posting some of my meal plans, with links to recipes when I have them …

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