Maddie Says the Darnedest Things

Maddie’s verbal skills have advanced by leaps and bounds.  Here’s a sampling of recent conversations.

Daddy: C’mon Maddie, let’s brush your teeth.

Maddie: And comb my ears! [This is from the book Olivia]


Mommy (at 7 a.m., opening the door to her room): Good morning Maddie.

Maddie: I’m sleeping.

Mommy: Want to get up?

Maddie (flopping her head down rather theatrically): No.


Maddie (holding up a garbanzo bean): What’s this?

Mommy: A garbanzo bean.  Can you say garbanzo bean?

Maddie: ‘Banzo bean!


Maddie, while playing with her baby doll: Want to change her diaper. [I report this one not so much for its cuteness, though it is cute, but for its complexity.  A five-word grammatically correct sentence is pretty advanced for a 26-month-old. I’m her mother, so I’m biased. But objectively speaking she’s clearly brilliant.]


Maddie, after having a bedtime story read to her by Daddy: Nice story. Want to go to bed now. [Another complex sentence. And clearly my girl likes her sleep.]

More to come …