I found a better burger

I’m a red meat-eating kind of gal.  But I also like to pretend that I eat healthy.  Enter Better Burger.

Everything is antibiotic, hormone, and nitrate free.  The beef burgers are organic.  And fantastic.  Not in the mood for moo?  They also have turkey, chicken, tuna, soy, veggie, and even ostrich burgers. 

The "fries" are air-baked, also organic, and also yummy.  They also have smoothies, salads, hot dogs, and chili.  Mostly, it’s the little gourmet touches that make this a lunch above ordinary — condiments included Cajun ketchup, chipolte-honey mustard, and spiced wasabi sauce. 

In the mood for a sweet?  They have high-protein brownies and high-energy cookies.

Being bad never felt so good.

Better Burger
178 8th Ave @ 19th St