Fun Weekend

Auntie Tracy was in town which always means hijinx and shenanigans.

This weekend did not disappoint.  Saturday was epic. We met up with friends in Union Square Park to check out the new playground.  So. Much. Fun. Maddie spent most of her time in the sprinklers. She is such a water baby.

Sam, for his part, spent his time being held by various ladies. He tried to cop a feel multiple times. He’s lucky he’s cute.

After we were done with playground we wandered around the Greenmarket and bought tomatoes, basil, a delicious apple pie and sunflowers. Maddie and I were walking and she saw a flower vendor and said “Pretty flowers.” I asked her if she wanted to buy flowers for the house and she said yes. So we got money from Dad and went into the stall.  I asked her what kind of flowers she wanted and she said “Yellow ones.”  So we picked sunflowers.  They are really gorgeous and Maddie seems quite pleased that she picked them out.

We then came home.  Mommy and Sam got a nap but Auntie Tracy got paired with Maddie and didn’t get any rest.  Sorry!

Dad made pasta sauce with the tomatoes and some basil (the rest got made into pesto for later this week).

Nice weekend, but I’m more than ready for vacation.  Just one week left …