First Day of School

We were all down on the corner by 7:15 a.m. Yes, all of us. Sam in his stroller. Daddy, toting the camera. Anashar (our nanny) who normally doesn’t arrive until 8, but who would not have missed this for anything. Maddie, clutching her lunch bag, her backpack and Tubby. Me, clutching my heart.

The bus pulled up to the wrong building and had to turn around. The driver was a bit flustered.  First day jitters for all.

Buses for wee ones include a matron who helps the kids on and off the bus. The matron looked a little alarmed when I climbed up with Maddie. “Are you coming too?” she asked.  “No, no,” I said, though the thought suddenly crossed my mind. “Just making sure she’s okay.” Maddie was strapped into her car seat, I gave her a quick kiss and hopped off.

The doors closed and just like that the bus was off. I immediately began to cry. Oh my god. What if she’s scared? What if they don’t understand when she asks for something? What if she spends all day crying? WHAT HAVE I DONE???

I went to the school around 12:30 and huddled in the doorway of the classroom watching her eat her lunch. So grown up.

By all accounts she did great. She recognized her Dora lunch bag (thank you Bubbe!) when lunches were handed out. (My kids don’t miss meals.) She played with the other kids. She did not pee in the potty, but one day at a time, right?

She came home and took the nap of all naps.  It’s a long day.  As weird as the timing is, I’m glad she has the next two days off for Rosh Hashanah. She is excited to go back on Monday.

I’m better now though I have cried about three more times.

Preston will put up pictures later. Meanwhile, here’s  a cute one from my iPhone: