Crazy Weekend

1. Aunt Tracy was in town.  Madeline was beyond thrilled.  She started chanting “Tracy, Tracy, Tracy” on Wednesday.

2. Halloween.  We were in Manhattan on Saturday.  There’s nothing like Halloween in New York, and we weren’t even near the parade.  Our building had a party on Sunday, after which we did the herd trick-or-treating through the halls.  Preston got some great pictures of Maddie — check them out.

3. We had no hot water in our apartment.  Started Friday night.  It was intermittent through the building so the super kept insisting that we did, in fact, have hot water but that we just need to “let it run, it might take awhile.”  Twenty minutes of letting the water run and it felt like it was coming out a well.  Awesome.  Tracy and I went over to my gym — where my membership is frozen — and threw ourselves on the mercy of the front desk guy.  He took pity on us and let us shower.  An woman in the locker room said to me “I think it’s so great you are still working out in your condition.”  Um, yeah, exactly.

4. New York City marathon.  We didn’t go, but Tracy went to cheer on our friends Emily and Tom.

5. Clocks changed.  Boy, are we lucky, though.  Maddie is such a champ sleeper she wasn’t even phased by it.  I felt guilty seeing so many friends with toddlers posting on Facebook about early wake ups.  Not my girl — she likes her sleep.

6. Oh, and did I mention I’m 38 weeks pregnant?