Mother’s Day at the Queens Zoo

Like last year, it was another beautiful Mother’s Day in New York.  We headed out to the Queens Zoo.  It’s a cute little zoo with lots of birds, which Madeline loves.  We also saw bison, elk, puma, bears and sea lions.  Maddie really enjoyed it.  I’m too lazy to upload photos here.  You can see them all — both animals and Maddie admiring animals — at Picasa.

It’s a little hard to believe that this time next year we’ll have two …

Queens Farm

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes was the one where George asks Kramer if he wants to come to Queens to visit his parents. Kramer replies “Sure, I love the country.”

The truth is that Queens is pretty urban. But it was once the country — it was farmland. And it is still home to the city’s only working historical farm: The Queens County Farm Museum.  This weekend they are having a little carnival.  Since the weather was so great we decided to head over and check it out.

We had so much fun!  Maddie loved the animals — especially the various birds (think chicken, ducks, etc.).  In fact we learned that she knows the word “Bird!” as she said it repeatedly.  She also saw pigs, which she liked until they came a little too close, and goats.

Here’s a great picture of Madeline and Preston … Many more can be found at the usual spot on Picasa.


New Sweater and New Photos

Last week our nanny was on vacation.  It wasn’t a week that Preston or I could take much time off, so Nana came to the rescue.  I think both Nana and Maddie had fun.  And I was able to take Friday off and spend the whole day with my girl, which was heavenly.

Meanwhile, Nana knit Maddie an absolutely gorgeous sweater with matching hat … These pictures don’t really do them justice, but you’ll get the idea:


Here’s a cute close up …


And here’s a cute picture of Preston reading to Maddie. I tried to get a picture of Maddie watching the pages with a look of intense concentration. Unfortunately the second the camera comes out Maddie looks up and smiles. If she becomes a model I’ll really have no one to blame …


Maddie the monkey

Maddie was a monkey for Halloween. She was non-plussed about all this Halloween stuff. She knows not of candy.

Where we live the tradition is a Halloween party where the kids get sugar super-charged and then go up and down the halls mob-like for candy. 

Maddie didn’t make it. She likes her 7 p.m. diaper change, teeth cleaning, bottle routine. She was fast asleep by the time the hoard reached us.

Great photos from Halloween are here. There are other photos also on Google.

A Day at the Beach

Aunt Tracy was in town for a wedding on Friday night. On Saturday we met up with some of her friends at Breezy Point in Queens. This is one of those magical places in New York City where you don’t believe you are still in the city. It’s a cooperative, private community. Basically you have to know someone who lives there to go there.

It was a beautiful day for Maddie to have her first visit to the beach. Here she is dipping her toes into the ocean:

And here she is with Dad:

There are lots more photos up on the usual spot on Picasa.

What we learned from this little adventure is that a day at the beach with a baby is not, well, a day at the beach. There’s the stuff you need to haul. Food, a bib, a bathing suit, an extra outfit, just in case. Plus a vat of sunscreen.

Then there’s the swim pants. Tell me, am I using these wrong? Because it seems to me that when she wears one we all end up soaking wet. Do I just not get how they work? Am I supposed to put a diaper under them? What exactly is the deal??

But all that aside we had a very fun day. Thanks to Tom & Emily for inviting us!

Look who’s a big girl!

I set up Maddie’s high chair this week. It reclines, so she can actually use it now, even though she isn’t able to sit up yet. Check it out:

It will be another month or so before she starts eating solids, but she seems to like sitting at the table with us.  Tonight I gave her her little plastic spoon (top picture) to play with.  I figure it can’t hurt to have her start getting used to holding it and putting it in her mouth (which is where everything goes these days).