Notes from the first day of school

Today was Maddie’s first day of school.She is now officially pre-K. It’s going too fast!!

First and foremost, she looked gorgeous. I got this dress during our trip to Paris:

Notes from the day:

  • This year she’s in a bigger class — 22 kids, with two teachers, two aides and three paraprofessionals (they help specific kids — including Maddie — who have physical challenges and need extra support). I got to meet Maddie’s para and her new speech therapist. She has the same PT and OT as last year.
  • The bus driver’s name is Preston. No, seriously.
  • Maddie said hello when she noticed me hanging around the back of the class, but then mostly ignored me. She was busy!
  • Sam seemed maniacally happy this morning. All is right in his world again. Of course he was also maniacally happy when she returned at the end of the day.
  • Quote of the day: “Sam might be sad today because I’m going to school. He might cry. Mommy might need to comfort him.”

And one last quick snap. This one taken during one of her activities — “painting” with glue and affixing torn paper to the glue. There is a lot of skills in that one activity!

Summer in the City

The playground near our apartment has sprinklers. Rule is they are turned on between Memorial Day and Labor Day on days where the temperature hits 80 degrees or more.

Maddie loves the sprinklers. Last year she still wasn’t walking but she still loved to sit in the spray, fill up her bucket and splash.

This summer she’s up and around and she loves it even more.  She fills her bucket, splashes it around and especially loves to watch other kids running around.

Here’s a picture from today’s outing:

Big Girl Bed

So tonight, this happened:

I’m going to be honest: I cried a little.  It’s going by so fast! Where did my little baby girl go?

Meanwhile, I really hope that we didn’t make a big mistake starting her out in the new bed on a Sunday night.  It occurred to me, too late of course, that it would have been better to move her into it last night or even Friday night.  Oh well.  So far it seems to be going okay.

Sam has moved into the crib. He fell right asleep.  Now I just hope if he wakes up in the night (highly likely) he won’t wake her up.

Snow Day!

I’m kind of over the snow.  But it was fun taking Maddie out in it for a bit today.  At first she said “I don’t like snow.” (Join the club, sweetie.)  But after a few minutes she kind of got into it.

Check it out: