Maddie Quote of the Day

“I’m talking to Tracy!”

From very early days Maddie has associated the phone with my sister Tracy.  Most times when the phone rings she’ll say something like “It’s Auntie Tracy.”  And now that she can sort of hold a conversation on the phone she wants to do the talking.  This is her actually talking to Tracy today.  Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone pic … I was too lazy to get the good camera.

Look at how happy she is talking to her Auntie.

Maddie Says the Darnedest Things

Maddie’s verbal skills have advanced by leaps and bounds.  Here’s a sampling of recent conversations.

Daddy: C’mon Maddie, let’s brush your teeth.

Maddie: And comb my ears! [This is from the book Olivia]


Mommy (at 7 a.m., opening the door to her room): Good morning Maddie.

Maddie: I’m sleeping.

Mommy: Want to get up?

Maddie (flopping her head down rather theatrically): No.


Maddie (holding up a garbanzo bean): What’s this?

Mommy: A garbanzo bean.  Can you say garbanzo bean?

Maddie: ‘Banzo bean!


Maddie, while playing with her baby doll: Want to change her diaper. [I report this one not so much for its cuteness, though it is cute, but for its complexity.  A five-word grammatically correct sentence is pretty advanced for a 26-month-old. I’m her mother, so I’m biased. But objectively speaking she’s clearly brilliant.]


Maddie, after having a bedtime story read to her by Daddy: Nice story. Want to go to bed now. [Another complex sentence. And clearly my girl likes her sleep.]

More to come …

Mother’s Day at the Queens Zoo

Like last year, it was another beautiful Mother’s Day in New York.  We headed out to the Queens Zoo.  It’s a cute little zoo with lots of birds, which Madeline loves.  We also saw bison, elk, puma, bears and sea lions.  Maddie really enjoyed it.  I’m too lazy to upload photos here.  You can see them all — both animals and Maddie admiring animals — at Picasa.

It’s a little hard to believe that this time next year we’ll have two …

Babies R(ip) Us (Off)

Madeline is getting very close to outgrowing her infant car seat, so Sunday seemed like a good day to go get her a new big-girl car seat.

I still find Babies R Us a very overwhelming experience.  I have been doing this Mom thing for nearly a year now and yet I still find dazzling new ways to screw up.  To wit:

1. I decided she needed some cute new short-sleeved onesies.  Since I’ve been buying 18-month size in everything I got the Carther’s 18-month onesies, completely forgetting that she is now wearing the 9-month size.  I basically just skipped the 12-month size.

2. Meanwhile I picked up a package of 18-month size blanket sleepers by Gerber.  I got home, opened the package and was completely flummoxed — these aren’t going to fit her!  They are way too short.  They are roughly the same size as the 12-month sleepers from Target, which she is too big for now.


Meanwhile I also bought her a BundleMe.  Our nanny has been asking us to get one of these since she started.  It is cool and should keep Maddie nice and toasty through the winter.

Maddie was a trooper through the whole adventure even though it meant she missed her morning nap.

(By the way, Preston gets credit for the post’s title.)

New Sweater and New Photos

Last week our nanny was on vacation.  It wasn’t a week that Preston or I could take much time off, so Nana came to the rescue.  I think both Nana and Maddie had fun.  And I was able to take Friday off and spend the whole day with my girl, which was heavenly.

Meanwhile, Nana knit Maddie an absolutely gorgeous sweater with matching hat … These pictures don’t really do them justice, but you’ll get the idea:


Here’s a cute close up …


And here’s a cute picture of Preston reading to Maddie. I tried to get a picture of Maddie watching the pages with a look of intense concentration. Unfortunately the second the camera comes out Maddie looks up and smiles. If she becomes a model I’ll really have no one to blame …


Baby Naming

Sunday was a big day for little Maddie.  We had her naming ceremony.  Naming ceremonies are the rough equivalent of a bris for a little girl.  Similar prayers and blessings, but no in-home surgery.   Madeline’s Hebrew name is Shana Mazal which means “pretty star.”  We choose Shana because it was the Hebrew name of Preston’s grandmother, Shirley Nowich.  Mazal we chose because the meaning actually connotes fortune or luck (think “lucky star”) and we certainly feel very lucky to have her.

All and all it was a big weekend.  She got to meet Zayde Forman, Uncle Craig and Auntie Missy.  She also spent a lot of quality time with Auntie Tracy and Nana and Grandpa.  She also got to wear a very frilly dress.  That didn’t last long.  She much preferred the comfy outfit we changed her into after the ceremony.

Oh, and on Saturday she learned a new trick.

As usual, all the photos can be seen at the Picasa site: