Maddie has a loose tooth

She is not very patient when it comes to things like this and has often reached into her mouth and pulled out wayward teeth. Second, Tami Monahan Forman is traveling this week and when she is away we often have a special treat, usually pizza and Greek salad, one night (yes, I can cook). This week I suggested we go out for tacos.

Conversation 1: “I have a plan about tacos. If I still have a loose tooth, I’ll have soft tacos. If I lose the tooth, it will be hard tacos.”

Conversation 2: “I think the Tooth Fairy knows that I pull teeth out sometimes. It hurts,” she said.

“Well, she has been in business for many years,” I said.

“Yeah, she knows what happens,” she said.

Maddie pulled the tooth out before brushing her teeth and going to bed. “I just couldn’t deal with this anymore.”

Wise beyond her years

Sam just started walking. It’s very exciting, for him and for us. Everyone is very proud of him, including Maddie.

There’s a kid on the first floor of our building who’s just about a year. As we came off the elevator on our way to the bus the other morning we saw him in the hallway, walking. As we walked on Maddie said to me “Some little babies walk.”

I said, “Yes, that’s right, Maddie. Some little babies walk.”

She then said “And sometimes it takes longer. Like with Sam.”

I agreed that was true.

“But it’s not a race.”

“You are right Maddie, it’s not a race.”

There are parents that could learn this lesson.

Wants vs. Needs

Tonight at dinner Maddie and I were discussing wants vs. needs. Apparently she is learning about this concept in school. I sort of think 5 is young for this concept, but maybe better to start young. There are adults that don’t understand the difference.

Anyway, we reviewed various wants versus needs. She correctly identified food, clothing, a house and love as needs. She also correctly identified chocolate, toys and jewelry as wants.

She wanted to do more. We decided to discuss drinks at more length. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Is juice a need?

Maddie: No.

Me: How about milk?

Maddie: Yes, milk is a need.

Me: Good. How about chocolate milk?

Maddie: That is a want.

Me: Good.

Maddie: Let’s do more. What do big kids like to drink?

Me: Soda?

Maddie: No. Big kids. Big kids like you.

Me: I’m not sure what you mean.

Maddie: How about wine?

Me: Yes, Mommy and Daddy drink wine. Is that a need?

Maddie: Not really.

Uncle Bill

This week my great uncle Bill passed away. I last saw him at his 80th birthday party in Florida.

But he was a big part of my childhood. Actually, to be fair, it was his wife, my great aunt Madeline who was a HUGE part of my childhood. She took care of my sister and I while my mother worked. She was such a big part of my life that I name my daughter after her. She died about 15 years ago and I still miss her.

But Uncle Bill was there too, always. With his hearty laugh and his big hugs. We went camping with them and on various outings. I remember visiting their house in Weymouth — for a time they lived in an in-law apartment they’d built in the garage of their former house so their son Tim and his wife could live in the main house. For some reason my sister and I found that little apartment fascinating.

His granddaughter Jennifer wrote a lovely post about him.

Good-bye Uncle Bill. You will be missed.

Burying the Lede

A few notes before I tell this story:

1. There’s potty humor. I don’t usually share those stories, but this one is too good.

2. Maddie has been fully potty trained for awhile now. We still put her in Pull-ups at night, but she’s been fully dry every morning for weeks. Preston and I were even discussing maybe discontinuing with them.

3. Maddie has been in this new mode of popping out of bed to pee and also just to because “I can’t sleep.” She wants songs, etc.

4. Maddie has a habit of burying the lede. Example: A few weeks ago she popped out of bed to say “Mommy, I have to pee-pee. And Sam threw up.”

So tonight, this happened.

Maddie: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! (five more times or so …)

Me: Yes, Maddie?

Maddie: I can’t sleep.

Me: Okay. What do you need?

Maddie: The baby song. And my dreams.

Me: Okay, one baby song and then we’ll talk about your dreams for a few minutes.

Maddie: And then I’ll go to sleep!

Me: Right. {Sings the baby song.}

Maddie: And scratch my back.

Me: {scratching back} Okay, now what do you want to dream about tonight.

Maddie: Kids I don’t know. First girls, then boys. {This is a new thing — she wants me to list names of girls and boys she doesn’t know so she can dream about them.}

Me: Okay. {List girl names.} Now boys.

Maddie: No, two more girls.

Me: {Two more girl names, then boy names.} Okay, good night.

Maddie: Three more boy names.

Me: No Maddie, go to sleep.

Maddie: Okay. Oh, Mommy?

Me: Yes, Maddie?

Maddie: I have poop in my Pull-up.

{And scene.}

For Sale: Four-year-old

Today was a day.

Preston had to work. He had to leave at 8 a.m. He’d be back at 1 p.m. and Maddie had a birthday party to go to at 2:30 p.m. The big complication was that I still hadn’t gotten the birthday party girls (twins) gifts.

So I got up early, showered, etc. and planned to head out to Target. Easy-peasy.

Maddie had other plans. Literally. She did not want to go to Target. She had a full-body, possessed-by-demons meltdown. Screaming, crying.

I gave her a choice. We could go to Target and get birthday gifts for the girls or I would call the girls’ mother and tell her that Maddie couldn’t attend the party.

Maddie did not like those choices. In fact, at one point in the car she shrieked “This is not my choice!” (Since she refused to choose I made the choice for her — I decided that continuing to deal with the current tantrum would be less painful than extending the tantrum into the “No, no party for you.” afternoon.)

She shrieked and yelled most of the way to Target. She did calm down, thankfully, by the time we got into the store.

Of course one consequence of all this was that it ended up being late by time we arrived back home. Luckily Preston came in and was willing to bring Maddie out to the party, leaving Sam and I to hang out.

She had a great time at the party and Sam and I had a nice afternoon (him napping, me cleaning up the house a bit then relaxing).

For those of you who thought maybe Maddie was an alien being who never behaves like a normal four-year-old. Sometimes, she does.

Notes from the first day of school

Today was Maddie’s first day of school.She is now officially pre-K. It’s going too fast!!

First and foremost, she looked gorgeous. I got this dress during our trip to Paris:

Notes from the day:

  • This year she’s in a bigger class — 22 kids, with two teachers, two aides and three paraprofessionals (they help specific kids — including Maddie — who have physical challenges and need extra support). I got to meet Maddie’s para and her new speech therapist. She has the same PT and OT as last year.
  • The bus driver’s name is Preston. No, seriously.
  • Maddie said hello when she noticed me hanging around the back of the class, but then mostly ignored me. She was busy!
  • Sam seemed maniacally happy this morning. All is right in his world again. Of course he was also maniacally happy when she returned at the end of the day.
  • Quote of the day: “Sam might be sad today because I’m going to school. He might cry. Mommy might need to comfort him.”

And one last quick snap. This one taken during one of her activities — “painting” with glue and affixing torn paper to the glue. There is a lot of skills in that one activity!

Maddie, Explaining the School Play

Maddie is in a “play” tomorrow at pre-school. Today we got a note from the teacher with what we need to send the kids to school in for a costume. Yes, the day before. Thanks for the head’s up. Luckily her costume calls for a “frilly, girlie dress.” Check.

So, we read the note together at dinner and I asked her what each child would be playing.

Me: And what is Lily going to be?

Maddie: Mary.

Me: As in “Mary Had a Little Lamb”?

Maddie: Yes.

Me, reading the next name on the list: And what about Angelo?

Maddie: The lamb.

I swear on all I hold sacred I could not make this up if I tried.

Beauty School Dropout

Me: Maddie, I’m going to get my hair colored today.

Maddie: Pink?

Me: No.

Maddie: Purple?

Me: No.

[Maddie proceeds through the rest of the colors she knows, including orange and green.]

Me: No, honey. Brown.

Maddie: But it’s already brown.

If only.