A Tale of Two (Food) Cities, Part I

Today Preston and I did a City Food Tour called Tastes of New York. It was so fun! We toured all around the East Village, learning about the neighborhood and eating all kinds of yummy New York goodies.

To wit, we had the following;

  1. Egg Cream
  2. Salami on Rye at the Meat Market
  3. Borscht from Veselka
  4. Compost Cookies at Momofuku Milk Bar
  5. Hot Dog from Papaya Dog
  6. Pizza
  7. Cannollis

The guide was great and all of the foods were completely delicious. It was a nice mix of old and new New York — a great way to enjoy the city. We were the only New Yorkers on the tour, which was cool. We were giving little tips and tricks and recommending restaurants to the others on the tour.

Tomorrow we are having lunch at The Modern, which will be my other tale …

Coming Up for Air (or: Time Off for Good Behavior)

Today was my last day of work until September 12. My company, which is cool for many reasons, offers a six-week paid sabbatical after seven years of service. (I’ve actually been with the company for eight years, but I deferred my sabbatical a year because I was on maternity leave part of last year.)

I’ve got some fun stuff planned. A week in Paris with Preston (no kids) and a week at the beach in Massachusetts (with kids). In between I have some fun stuff planned and a few home and personal projects.

How do I feel today? Um, weird. I took my work email off my iPhone and I feel untethered. It’s not completely unpleasant, but also not yet completely pleasant.

Anyway, watch this space for more.

I promise future posts will be more interesting.

P.S. Do you want to work for a company that offers paid sabbaticals (among many other cool benefits)? We’ve got about 50 openings right now.


Funny things husbands say

I came home from the salon on Sunday with freshly highlighted hair (a first for me).

Preston says, “Oh, they put a little Sun-in in it?”

Yes. I got in my Delorean, traveled back to 1986 and spritzed my hair with Sun-in.

From his perspective this probably helped to explain why the appointment took so damn long.

Fun Weekend

Auntie Tracy was in town which always means hijinx and shenanigans.

This weekend did not disappoint.  Saturday was epic. We met up with friends in Union Square Park to check out the new playground.  So. Much. Fun. Maddie spent most of her time in the sprinklers. She is such a water baby.

Sam, for his part, spent his time being held by various ladies. He tried to cop a feel multiple times. He’s lucky he’s cute.

After we were done with playground we wandered around the Greenmarket and bought tomatoes, basil, a delicious apple pie and sunflowers. Maddie and I were walking and she saw a flower vendor and said “Pretty flowers.” I asked her if she wanted to buy flowers for the house and she said yes. So we got money from Dad and went into the stall.  I asked her what kind of flowers she wanted and she said “Yellow ones.”  So we picked sunflowers.  They are really gorgeous and Maddie seems quite pleased that she picked them out.

We then came home.  Mommy and Sam got a nap but Auntie Tracy got paired with Maddie and didn’t get any rest.  Sorry!

Dad made pasta sauce with the tomatoes and some basil (the rest got made into pesto for later this week).

Nice weekend, but I’m more than ready for vacation.  Just one week left …

Notes from the Weekend of Awesomeness

What a great long weekend!

Friday: I had the day “off” because our nanny was off. Despite this I had fun and even got both kids out of the house and to the playground. Then, Auntie Tracy arrived! When she got here Maddie said “Tracy’s home!”

Saturday: Tracy and I packed the kids up and headed to the Shake Shack at Madison Square Park. We met up with Laney and Mike. We also met new Tumblr friends KV and Lacey. After a burger, fries and ice cream we headed over to the playground. Maddie went on the swings, played with chalk and generally ran around like a maniac. We dragged Laney back to Queens for some hang time followed by pizza from Nick’s.

Sunday: Tracy and I took the kiddies to the playground and then got falafel and ate in the park. Maddie and Tracy and I kicked her ball around for a bit.

Monday: Uncle Marnin and Aunt Jennifer are in town and came over for brunch and another trip to the playground.

Great friends, great weather, great fun!