Super Sunday

It all started innocently enough.  We’d just moved to New York and the Super Bowl was coming up.  A friend mentioned how he wasn’t  interested in football, in fact, he didn’t even know which teams were playing, but that he was very interested in the commercials.  A few others people we know, all people working in some part of media, agreed that a party devoted to watching Super Bowl commercials would be fun.  So we invited everyone over, ordered Chinese food and had a blast. 

That was eight years ago and while the cast of characters has changed over the years the tradition remains the same.  We call it the Anti-Superbowl Party, but that’s actually not a great name.  There really isn’t anything anti- about it — we watch the game, after all.  We just pay more attention to the commercials.  And truthfully, since our hometown team, the Patriots, started winning these things even we’ve become slightly interested in the action.  Plus, starting a few years ago some actual football fans have crashed the festivities (dragged by wives, generally). 

Anyway, this year’s menu is make-your-own sandwiches and veggie chili.  Chips, of course,  and beer.  But I also have to make sure that I have enough wine and clean wineglasses. 

It’s not your typical football crowd.  And that’s just the way we like it.

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