Babies R(ip) Us (Off)

Madeline is getting very close to outgrowing her infant car seat, so Sunday seemed like a good day to go get her a new big-girl car seat.

I still find Babies R Us a very overwhelming experience.  I have been doing this Mom thing for nearly a year now and yet I still find dazzling new ways to screw up.  To wit:

1. I decided she needed some cute new short-sleeved onesies.  Since I’ve been buying 18-month size in everything I got the Carther’s 18-month onesies, completely forgetting that she is now wearing the 9-month size.  I basically just skipped the 12-month size.

2. Meanwhile I picked up a package of 18-month size blanket sleepers by Gerber.  I got home, opened the package and was completely flummoxed — these aren’t going to fit her!  They are way too short.  They are roughly the same size as the 12-month sleepers from Target, which she is too big for now.


Meanwhile I also bought her a BundleMe.  Our nanny has been asking us to get one of these since she started.  It is cool and should keep Maddie nice and toasty through the winter.

Maddie was a trooper through the whole adventure even though it meant she missed her morning nap.

(By the way, Preston gets credit for the post’s title.)