American Museum of Natural History

We took the kids on a very fun outing today to the American Museum of Natural History. It was great fun!

We went on the absolute final day of the special exhibit The World’s Largest Dinosaurs. It was, of course, on the same floor as all the other dinosaurs, so we tours those rooms while waiting for our ticket time. Maddie LOVED it. She was delighted by each new dinosaur. She made up little stories (“That’s a baby, a baby, a sister and a mommy. They are a family and they live together.”) about some of them. She wanted to see bigger ones and bigger ones.

Sam was a bit flummoxed by it all, but also seemed to enjoy it.

Fantastic way to kick off 2012!

{Sorry for the not-so-great iPhone photo of only one kid. I was trying to enjoy the moment, not document it.}