A Tale of Two (Food) Cities, Part II

Today Preston and I had lunch at the Modern, the restaurant at MoMA. It’s very close to Preston’s office, so he went to work. I did not go to work. I went to MoMA.

Lunch was sublime, just as it was last year. Here’s what we ate:


Preston: SEASONAL GREENS: Almond-Crusted Goat Cheese, Smoked Grapes and Verjus Vinaigrette

Tami: SLOW-POACHED FARM EGG: Black Winter Truffle, Salsify, and Squid Ink Spaetzle (I’m a big fan of soft-boiled eggs with toast. This was like that except way, way, way, way better. It was something my Nana made for me. Sort of fitting that I had it today on the anniversary of her passing.)


Preston: BEEF TENDERLOIN “À LA FICELLE”: Pressed Root Vegetables, Horseradish, and Verjus-Pickled Juniper Berries

Tami: MAPLE-BRINED BERKSHIRE PORK TENDERLOIN: Crushed Walnuts, Mangalica Lardo, and Whole Grain Mustard Jus



Tami: CARAMEL PARFAIT: Mango Ravioli, Coconut Tapioca and Ten Flavor Sorbet

We also drank a delicious bottle of white wine. It was DIRLER-CADÉ, Bergholtz Vieilles Vignes 2010 (noting here partly so when Preston turns to me and says “What was that wine we had at the Modern?” I can look it up … ) The service, like all USHG restaurants, was just wonderful. Warm and friendly, knowledgeable without being snotty.

Wonderful way to send off 2012 and get ready for 2013.