A Day at the Beach

Aunt Tracy was in town for a wedding on Friday night. On Saturday we met up with some of her friends at Breezy Point in Queens. This is one of those magical places in New York City where you don’t believe you are still in the city. It’s a cooperative, private community. Basically you have to know someone who lives there to go there.

It was a beautiful day for Maddie to have her first visit to the beach. Here she is dipping her toes into the ocean:

And here she is with Dad:

There are lots more photos up on the usual spot on Picasa.

What we learned from this little adventure is that a day at the beach with a baby is not, well, a day at the beach. There’s the stuff you need to haul. Food, a bib, a bathing suit, an extra outfit, just in case. Plus a vat of sunscreen.

Then there’s the swim pants. Tell me, am I using these wrong? Because it seems to me that when she wears one we all end up soaking wet. Do I just not get how they work? Am I supposed to put a diaper under them? What exactly is the deal??

But all that aside we had a very fun day. Thanks to Tom & Emily for inviting us!