The best writing on Elizabeth Warren

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If you are a feminist who’s struggling to understand how it’s 2020 and we are still unable to allow a woman to lead the US, these pieces might provide insights, clarity, and sympathy. Or maybe misery just loves company.

Vox: What Elizabeth Warren’s loss says about us

Gail Collins: The Presidency Is an Old Boys’ Club

Rebecca Traister: Why Would He Lie? and The Third Rail of Calling “Sexism”

Connie Schultz: A Not-so Super Tuesday

Teen Vogue: Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Was Doomed by Sexism

The Atlantic: America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence

Cosmopolitan: Stop Lying America: You Were Never Going to Vote for a Woman President

Jessica Valenti: It Will Be Hard to Get Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

I’m sure I’m missing some. If you saw something awesome, send it to me and I’ll add it.