Why I Love Lands’ End

I ordered this backpack for Maddie for back-to-school. Maddie helped pick it — she liked that it was pink and had a rabbit on it. I got it with her initials embroidered on it.

Unfortunately when it came there was no rabbit. I had completely forgotten about the rabbit — but Maddie had not. Her first question was “Where’s the rabbit?”

Come to find out the rabbit is also and add-on embroidered detail — like the monogram. I had to order it separately. D’oh! (To be fair, it’s confusing. I suspect I’m not the first person to make this mistake.)

But here’s what is brilliant. Not only is Land’s End more that happy to take back the backpack I ordered (despite it being MONOGRAMMED!), but they are shipping the new one out free of charge AND the very helpful clerk told me, cheerfully, that I could feel free to use the backpack I have and just return it after I get the new one! (I actually won’t be doing that — I happen to know that Lands’ End re-sells returns in their home office outlet. MGF could be someone’s initials, so the chance that it may yet find a happy home are higher if it stays new.)

New bag will actually have the kitty on it — once Maddie learned she could have any of the icons she chose the kitty (it’s the one on the aqua version of the bag).

Yeah, so when Lands’ End says “GUARANTEED. PERIOD.” they actually mean it.


Notes from the first day of school

Today was Maddie’s first day of school.She is now officially pre-K. It’s going too fast!!

First and foremost, she looked gorgeous. I got this dress during our trip to Paris:

Notes from the day:

  • This year she’s in a bigger class — 22 kids, with two teachers, two aides and three paraprofessionals (they help specific kids — including Maddie — who have physical challenges and need extra support). I got to meet Maddie’s para and her new speech therapist. She has the same PT and OT as last year.
  • The bus driver’s name is Preston. No, seriously.
  • Maddie said hello when she noticed me hanging around the back of the class, but then mostly ignored me. She was busy!
  • Sam seemed maniacally happy this morning. All is right in his world again. Of course he was also maniacally happy when she returned at the end of the day.
  • Quote of the day: “Sam might be sad today because I’m going to school. He might cry. Mommy might need to comfort him.”

And one last quick snap. This one taken during one of her activities — “painting” with glue and affixing torn paper to the glue. There is a lot of skills in that one activity!