Maddie, Explaining the School Play

Maddie is in a “play” tomorrow at pre-school. Today we got a note from the teacher with what we need to send the kids to school in for a costume. Yes, the day before. Thanks for the head’s up. Luckily her costume calls for a “frilly, girlie dress.” Check.

So, we read the note together at dinner and I asked her what each child would be playing.

Me: And what is Lily going to be?

Maddie: Mary.

Me: As in “Mary Had a Little Lamb”?

Maddie: Yes.

Me, reading the next name on the list: And what about Angelo?

Maddie: The lamb.

I swear on all I hold sacred I could not make this up if I tried.

The Continued Rise of New Media

Last year I wrote about the Rise of New Media based on this Chart of the Day from Silicon Alley Insider.

At that time I marveld that HuffPo had outpaced The Washington Post. Now it’s ahead of the New York Times. This is no doubt in part due to the paywall model that NYT now uses. Note that the WSJ is way below all of these properties because of it’s paid subscription model.

Doesn’t mean WSJ isn’t still hugely influntial. And the NYT isn’t going away anytime soon. But the pattern seems pretty clear. New properties are on the rise.

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Palin’s Problem Really Isn’t Her (Mis)understanding of American History

It’s that she strings together random words in the hope that they will turn into a sentence.

She really needs to work on answering questions off the cuff. She sounds dumb, even when she does know what she’s talking about (although to my reading of her statements, that seems to happen infrequently).

Palin is such an interesting conundrum on so many levels, but especially as a communicator. On the one hand, she has undeniable star power. Watching her give a good speech is electrifying, even if you disagree with everything she is saying. And she knows how to play to her base. The bullsh*it about the “lamestream media” and “gotcha” questions is completely manipulative.

But then you watch her try to answer a simple question off-the-cuff and she completely discombulates.

At the end of the day, she just doesn’t sound like a President. And that, more than anything, will (likely) mean she never will be.

Funny things husbands say

I came home from the salon on Sunday with freshly highlighted hair (a first for me).

Preston says, “Oh, they put a little Sun-in in it?”

Yes. I got in my Delorean, traveled back to 1986 and spritzed my hair with Sun-in.

From his perspective this probably helped to explain why the appointment took so damn long.