Don’t Ever Leave Me a Voicemail Like This

“Hi Tami, this is [name redacted] from [company redacted] at [phone number redacted]. Again that’s  [name redacted] from [company redacted] at [phone number redacted]. Have a good day!”

Who? Why? I have no clue who this person is or what his company does. I’m pretty sure I’ve never spoken to him before.

What is the point of this message exactly?

Congratulations if you ticked off the box next to the notation to “call Tami Forman at Return Path” but you should know that the chance that I will call you back is less than zero.

Maddie Has a Lot to Say

Maddie: “I have three meetings and three phone calls today.”


Maddie: “I’m going to go tell Daddy I made a poopie.”

Me: “You should definitely do that. Daddy wants to know that sort of thing.”

Maddie: “Daddy, I made a poopie-whoopie!”

Preston: “Oh, I’m so glad.”


Maddie: “Thank you for making hamburgers last night Mommy. I really appreciate it.”


Maddie: “Sam doesn’t want it.” (Said about anything we are giving Sam that Maddie in fact wants for herself. Also occasionally said about anything that has, in the past, made Sam cry.)


Maddie: “I really want it.” (Maddie has four ways of expressing her desires: I want, I need, I really want and I really need. She has clearly begun to grasp that a need is more urgent than a want, though she uses them interchangeably. She also clearly understands that adding “really” amplifies the request.)


Maddie: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes Maddie?”

Maddie: “I love you.”

Me: “I love you too.”