Midnight in Paris

Last year Preston and I came up with the brilliant idea of hosting a “Midnight in Paris” party for New Year’s Eve.  The basic idea is that it is always midnight somewhere in the world, so why wait so late to celebrate, especially when there are little ones about. So, we start the party at around 4 p.m. and then we countdown to the New Year at 6pm ET — midnight on the Continent.  Everyone is generally out by 8ish and most of the kids make bedtime (especially Madeline).  More importantly most of the parents make their bedtimes (especially us!).  (I sort of stole this idea from Joanne Manning who used to celebrate New Year’s at 6pm when her girls were small.)

We had so much fun last year we did it again this year.  It was great.  We served home-made chicken nuggets, latkes, veggies and dip.  And at “midnight” we had Prosecco, which I like better than Champagne. (I should probably call the party “Midnight in Rome,” but that doesn’t have the same ring to it, right?)

Maddie had a lot of fun this year.  She was big enough to play with the other kids.  And she loves chicken nuggets (who doesn’t?).

Here’s a great picture of her enjoying the nuggets.  See more cute pics here.