Thank you Auntie Tracy!

On Tuesday of this past week I was complaining to a coworker that I need some kind of little bag that I can use when we run out to lunch so I don’t have to carry my gigantic tote. Something to carry money, keys, etc.

So it felt a little like magic when a cute little Coach wristlet showed up on Friday afternoon, a birthday present from my sister Tracy. How on Earth did you know?

The package also had a little pair of sunglasses for Miss Madeline. No way I’ll keep them on her, but they are cute. I was able to get this necessarily blurry picture …


At least I gave up crack …

My company has a Wellness Program for its employees. The way it works is you get a blood test, fill out a health questionnaire and then within about a week you get back a report on your health with specific actions you can take to improve it. In exchange for taking part in this program the company gives you a 10% discount on your health insurance premiums.

The blood tests were back in March. I filled out the form and checked the box for “pregnant” (which, helpfully, was also labeled “Currently” lest you confuse this designation with having ever been pregnant). Under the section about alcohol I checked the box for “moderate” which I think they defined as 2 to 3 drinks per week.

I meant IN GENERAL. I’m a moderate drinker, in general. Not, like, NOW.

I think you see where this is going …

I guess the good news is that I did not get a panicked call from a nurse or something. What I did get, included in my health evaluation and test results, was AN ENTIRE PAGE on the evils of drinking while pregnant.

Mother’s Day at the Queens Zoo

Like last year, it was another beautiful Mother’s Day in New York.  We headed out to the Queens Zoo.  It’s a cute little zoo with lots of birds, which Madeline loves.  We also saw bison, elk, puma, bears and sea lions.  Maddie really enjoyed it.  I’m too lazy to upload photos here.  You can see them all — both animals and Maddie admiring animals — at Picasa.

It’s a little hard to believe that this time next year we’ll have two …