My main criteria for restaurants is delicious food (obviously) and friendly service.  You don’t have to bow at the waist, but I don’t want to be made to feel like I’m back in the high school cafeteria, lorded over by the cool kids.  So when my husband and I decided to have a quick bite at the restaurant above a trendy nightspot, for the sake of convenience, I didn’t have very high hopes.  I figured the food would be mediocre, if we were lucky, and that the service would be snotty.

So imagine my amazement at the little gem that is Cornershop.  On the corner (get it?) of Broadway and Bleecker it is above Table 50, the aforementioned trendy nightspot.  The food is yummy!  I had a marinated skirt steak with thick fries and salad.  Preston, the aforementioned husband, had an upscale BLT with slices of avocado and chips.  He also had a lemonade that he pronounced "As good as you make" — a high compliment, indeed.

The service was truly friendly.  After the waiter took our order, a black-clad waitress noticed me menu-less and came whizzing over to make sure we’d been attended too.  When she came back to clear our plates I raved about the steak, prompting her to bring over two glasses of Muscadet. 

Plus, the space is gorgeous.  Well-designed, but approachable.  Comfortable without feeling sloppy.

An altogether superior dining experience. 

And the party downstairs at out-so-trendy Table 50?  Let’s just say that it was on a whole other level.

643 Broadway at Bleecker
(212) 253-7467
Open 24 Hours

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Puerto Rico Diary

On the desk by the phone at the Wyndham Resort could be found a small piece of paper with the following:

Due to our tropical location, long distance telephone calls carry an additional surcharge.  Please bear this in mind when making long distance calls.

Huh?  How does the fact that we are in the tropics, as opposed to any other faraway place, have any bearing on the phone charge? 

Frankly, given the number of New Yorkers we ran into it might have been just as effective to write "Hey, knucklehead, this ain’t Coney Island.  The call is gonna cost ya."

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Sense of direction

When my college roommate got married, she sent the requisite "how to get here" sheet with the invitation.  Since she was getting married in England, and most of her friends lived in the U.S., she felt compelled to include the following:

FROM AMERICA: Fly east over the Atlantic.  Turn right at Iceland.  Continue south, and get off the plane when you see red double-decker buses.  If you see people drinking red wine, eating lots of cheese and inflaming world politics, you’ve gone too far.

Too far indeed.

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